The Unfortunate Fashions of Michael Phelps

Michael “Gilly” Phelps may want to keep to the pool. While nobody questions his swimming talents or his taste in ladies, his choice of fashion is another matter. Guest of a Guest produces this unnerving photo of Phelps spotted last night at Beijing hotspot China Doll sporting a shirt that looked as if he upchucked a banana daiquiri all over his front. His bemedaled look didn’t turn out much better, however.

Phelps brings home eight gold medals for the United States, and Sports Illustrated goes out and dresses him in drag. In a nod to the 1972 Mark Spitz cover (sad, tiny little inset at bottom left), SI draped Phelps in red ribbons and gold. The result? Guy looks like he’s wearing a halter top. Either that, or they positioned the ribbons around his neck to hide those palpating gills.


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