The Selby Teams With Louis Vuitton

Fresh off of the launch of a namesake book and stint living in the window of Paris’ Colette, Todd Selby of the photography blog The Selby is taking things to the next level. Namely, he’s partnering with Louis Vuitton for a new campaign entitled ‘The Journey of a Wardrobe.’ Selby may have shot the latest ads for Converse’s Jack Purcell collection, but the look and feel of this partnership is decidedly different.

It “showcases [Louis Vuitton’s] fall/winter collection through Selby’s portraits of Vuitton-ified style icons in New York (Ruben Toledo, André Balazs and Waris Ahluwalia), along with others from Shanghai, London and Tokyo,” says The Moment. The endeavor is much in the same vein of Burberry’s ground-breaking ‘The Art of the Trench,’ a social networking site that looked to strengthen brand identity by focusing on Burberry’s most iconic style and enlisting the help of street style photog The Sartorialist to punctuate high-quality images of everyday trendsetters in their trench finest. Even the moniker seems especially reminiscent of Burberry’s extension–‘The Journey of a Wardrobe’ versus ‘The Art of the Trench.’ Here, however, Louis Vuitton avoids looking to engage potential shoppers by highlighting their peers in addition to taste-makers; instead, they just focus on the latter.

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