The Rise of Sleepwear as Outerwear

Lazy stylish people everywhere can now rejoice, because getting dressed in the morning is about to get a whole lot easier. We’ve told you before that wearing loungewear at all hours is totally appropriate, so it’s only fitting that sleepwear would eventually see the social day of light, too. Exhibit A above is Swedish style blogger Elin Kling, who recently stepped out in her pajamas (or “pyjamas” for our readers overseas) to run errands. Her Zara sleeping trousers fit right in with today’s printed wide-leg pants, no?

Another sleepwear as outerwear advocate is designer Rachel Roy, who was seen rocking her Bedhead jammies with Manolos to a movie premiere just this week. “It was hard for me to find something to go with these shoes where I didn’t feel too dressed up and too done,” she tells InStyle. This look is much more practical for sitting in a theater to watch a 90-minute film than the skintight cocktail dresses we usually see at premieres.

Bottom line: with the right accessories (Kling’s Céline bag, Roy’s Manolo Blahnik shoes), wearing pajamas in public can look surprisingly chic. Just leave the Hoodie-Footies at home.

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