The New Neckline

If curves and cleavage dominated fall runways, then hand-in-hand with the hour glass movement is a new revealing neckline shape. Exemplifying the trend, one Miu Miu FW10 dress in particular is getting a lot of attention. In fact, it recently caused a quite a snafu when three rival magazines — W, Elle, and Vogue — all featured the dress on their covers in the last two months alone.

Considering it costs a whopping $2,300, to $4,900, how ubiquitous the Miu Miu original will be on city streets remains to be seen. But with Blake Lively having just sported a similarly rectangular, uber-revealing Preen top at Comi-Con this past weekend, the style isn’t likely to blow by without engendering a flood of copycats. (For the record, Lively is a repeat offender.) Hopefully the inter-magazine copying ends here.

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