The Many Hats of Coachella

Spending three days in 900 degree weather isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but the combination of good music, open bars, and free swag at Coachella never ceases to lure partygoers from across the globe to the desert outside LA. Besides booze, said heat was only tolerable if you planted yourself in a shady area and had your friends fetch you more booze (and gift bags) as you fanned yourself energetically – or if you wore a hat. From conventional styles, like model Dorothea Jorgensen’s take above, to more avant-garde looks, just about every lass this weekend was rocking a version of everyone’s favorite sun-shielding accessory.

International style-star and H&M collaborator Elin Kling opts for a classic fedora: image

Check out this amazing veil situation on fashion blogger and jewelry designer Tiffany Lee: image Hats also appeared in the miniature variety. I especially liked this circus-ringleader-goes-on-African-safari look: image

Even I took on the trend, donning a wide brim hat that saved me from the scorching sun (but apparently not from cheesy poses): image

Photos: Natalie Alcala, Mr. Newton, Twitter

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