The Four Most Unfortunate Menswear Looks for Fall 2011

As you might have noticed from the caliber of stunts during Fashion Week, we’re a pretty jaded bunch. It takes a lot to get a rise out of us — or the press. Partly, that’s because a surprising number off women are willing to at least try to pull of runways’ most outlandish looks, or at least the bargain-basement knockoff versions thereof. And where women are game, men are just as much, if not more so, willing to dedicate themselves to fashion. Just think Gandolf beards, murses, and, possibly, the entire Thom Browne high-water phenomenon. After the jump, check out the four strangest looks for Fall 2011 menswear.

(Pictured Above) Designing clothes for who-the-hell-knows, Walter Van Beirendonck sent his male models down the catwalk in a rainbow of colors and fabrics, hair-don’ts resembling the alien from Toy Story, and rings of painted-on exposed teeth encircling their eyes. We’re puzzled, to say the least.


This look by Edun is a subtle attempt to bring back overalls, but I’m not falling for it. Unless you’re baling hay or raising a barn, overalls are not appropriate.


If we’ve learned anything from the quick-to-die, all-over print trend, it’s that men should not dabble with multiple patterns. Stick with one plaid per outfit, lest you end up like Comme des Garcons’ bewigged, barfed-up brocade disaster.

image From top to bottom, Dsquared’s model went from cowboy to businessman to S&M butcher–good for Halloween, bad for real life.

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