The Blogger Weight Debate

From plus-size models earning space on major runways to size-zero samples, from Kate Moss’ controversial ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels‘ to the Crystal Renn backlash, the model weight debate continues to run at a fever pitch. Fashion’s obsession with weight has even oozed off the runways and into cyberspace, where bloggers – the very people who often drive the critiques, positive and negative – are coming under fire. “This string of comments illustrates just how personal style fashion blogging, which has spread like wildfire in the past four years, with no sign of stopping, lays the bloggers, such as prone-to-a-cheeseburger-or-two me, open to a sort of pointless critique process that can declare you to either be ‘GORGEOUS!’ or ‘You’re a fat cow and your thighs are like jelly’ all in the same breath,'” writes Susie Bubble of the massively popular fashion blog Style Bubble. The comments to which she is referring came back in 2008 and read, ‘You’ve looked like you’ve lost weight today! Kisses from Brazil!’ and the less friendly, ‘Oh dear, you seem to have put it back on again…’

A large part of the allure of fashion bloggers and personal style bloggers is that they are real people. If they worked at Conde Nast or were represented by Next Models (that is, taking into account the fact that Julia Frakes of Bunny Bisous and Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast are indeed represented by Next), they wouldn’t have the same allure. But as Susie Bubble points out, no matter who you are (and no matter what your measurements), sending photos of yourself out into the ether is likely to result in some not-so-flattering comments.

What sets them apart, mannequins and bloggers, is the fact that the former could lose work over gaining five pounds while the latter most likely would not. That said, it’s surely no coincidence that Bryanboy, Susie Bubble, Yvan Rodic, and the slew of other leading fashion bloggers sitting front row at fashion week are the definition of photogenic. They may be forced to endure the wrath of judgmental commentors on occasion, but there’s no denying they’re a genetically fortunate bunch.

Photo via Dossier

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