Terry Richardson Embraces Heels For Men

Believe it or not, men in stacked boots is a trend finally gaining quite a bit of steam (thanks in large part to the likes of Rick Owens). The chiseled, long locked Paris-based designer has been churning out sleek, androgynous styles including men’s shoes with a sizable lift for seasons. Following in his footsteps, Rad Hourani likewise showed stacked platforms for guys on his SS10 runway. But, the gender-bending look has been slow to take off. Men in Tokyo may be forming ‘skirt tribes‘ en masse, but heels have for seasons seemed to have a long way to go before reaching the masses. That is, until now.

Refinery 29 recently paid homage to various platform adoring gents in a post that includes a photo of Zac Posen strolling around the UES in shoes with noticeable added height (which was snapped by Racked.com). But, while men in highly-elevated heels and more modest wedges have made splashes on more than one street style site, the trend seems to have reached an all new level of exposure thanks to provocateur Terry Richardson’s recent endorsement of the style.

“My new Rick Owens Wedge Boots… i love them!!!” Richardson writes on his namesake virtual diary beneath a cropped photo of the photographer in at least 3-inch tall black leather wedge boots and equally fashion-forward drop-crotch, cropped trousers. Considering Richardson has long been synonymous with dark denim and flannel shirts–read: standard Brooklyn hipster man garb–the sartorial evolution is a pretty drastic one. But if Richardson’s doing it, maybe the prospect of men one day having to debate between flats or heels isn’t so outlandish after all.

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