‘Skirt Tribes’ Surface in Tokyo

An unlikely trend is sweeping men’s wear in Japan. And Marc Jacobs, for one, would surely approve. Skirts of the tailored, Comme des Garcons variety–of which Jacobs has long been a fan–have been sprouting up on sidewalks across Tokyo. Styles “ranging from miniskirts worn over jeans to longer, figure-hugging varities worn with trainers or sandals – have become a regular sight in the Harajuku district of Tokyo,” (the city’s most fashion-forward enclave) says the Independent. In fact, a store called Cross Gender, which opened in February and hawks a variety of skirts for men, has reported impressive sales.

“‘Skirt boys’ make waves in wild world of Tokyo street fashion,” echoes another article from the Global Fashion Report. It seems there are so many men warming up to the trend that even DMV tellers have heard of the ‘skirt tribes’ surfacing around the city. And men adopting traditionally female fashions en masse isn’t relegated to Japan alone. Just a few weeks ago I caught Cathy Horyn making mention on Charlie Rose of how revolutionary she found all of the young men in Paris sporting elevated footwear a la Rick Owens. “In Paris, you see a lot of young guys who are wearing high heels, blocked heel shoes,” she said. How long it’ll take before the male masses in the states start adopting adrogynous styles, however, is anyone’s guess.

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