Simon Doonan: Pro-Cankles

imageIf I had a witty little fashion buddy, you know, the kind who cracks wise, gets excited over sartorial missteps and casts a clean eye on emerging trends, it’d be fashion writer and Barney’s Creative Director Simon Doonan. For as long as I can remember, back when I proudly knew nothing of fashion, I always liked his rants in the New York Observer. So it was no surprise that when the cheeky Brit rolled through Washington DC on a book tour for Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You, he offered some helpful advice for Beltway drones.

“For me, the only faux pas is conformity,” Doonan decreed. “Except if you’re in Washington … if people are public servants — if you work in Washington — your clothes should have a certain self-denying restraint to them. … I like my politicians to be frumpy and frowzy. I like them to have cankles.” Advice for DC women: “Say no to ho, lose the flip-flops and resist the tidal wave of porno chic.” For men, he wants to maintain the frump chino and oxford uniform, but has one suggestion: “There’s a lot of really fun underwear you can buy now. You could sort of really go for it with your underwear.”

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