Shoe Designer Claims Asian Feet Are Narrower, Science Begs To Differ

As part of the never-ending ploy to convince women that high heels are comfortable, designers will go to great lengths to develop new technologies and designs that in fact do little to mute the fact that teetering on 4-inch spikes for more than a couple hours is never pleasant. Yet Bertrand Mak of Rupert Sanderson Shoes believes he’s found a solution, and it only works for Asian women.

Citing no real research or the consult of a podiatrist, Mak claims Asian feet are narrower with a higher arch. Thus, he’s simply designed shoes that run thinner and have more arch support. However, had Mak done his homework, he’d quickly see that the opposite is in fact true. Asians tend to have flatter feet with a lower arch, says Hong Kong podiatrist Alexandra Duff. She goes on to explain that the added insole does little to benefit the wearer: “it’s still a four-inch heel,” she points out. Whether the shoes become a success has yet to be seen. They’ll be available in stores across Asia come February, bad news for our narrow-footed Stateside friends, Asian or not.

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