Sally Singer Talks ‘T’ magazine

Sally Singer, recently crowned editor-in-chief of T Magazine, granted a rare interview to PAPER magazine about her new position and where she hopes to take the New York Times‘ bible of style. Known for her brainy approach to fashion and her discerning eye for new talent, expectations are high for the former Vogue editor, who’s picking up with where the revered Stefano Tonchi, now at the helm of W magazine, left off. “The bigger lifestyle shifts that everyone is adjusting to lately—the needs to bicycle more, to consider locally grown food, to think about how we live with technology, which is a huge question—are informing everything,” Singer says. “Fashion is just what you put on to go out into the street to deal with all the other stuff. So everything has to be part of it.”

“Everyone gets dressed every day and wants to look better. It’s a common denominator. So the question is, what are you going to put on and what is it going to say about you in the world?” Singer remains dedicated to the idea that fashion is individualistic and specific to ones personality—there’s no one right answer to the question of what to wear. “When people ask me what they should wear for evening, I say, ‘If you’re most comfortable in your pajamas, then wear pajamas. Do not put on a ball gown, ’cause you’re not going to look good in it.'” it’s a point of view that seems markedly different from the rule-bound fare Vogue usually serves up, but that doesn’t mean Ms. Wintour’s influence will be null and void. In fact, Singer poached quite a few Voguettes for T, including “former associate fashion editor Ethel Park, who is now T’s senior fashion editor; as well as Tonne Goodman’s former assistant Sara Moonves and Vanessa Traina,” says Fashionista. To see what Singer’s new team and vision bring to T, check newsstands for her first (holiday) issue come December 5th.

Photo via PAPER Magazine

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