Rafael Nadal’s New Look

imageNow that Rafael Nadal has unseated Roger Federer as the number one seed, he’s shifting into hot brand status, complete with a new look. Say goodbye to pirate pants and sleeveless tank. Since taking Federer at Wimbledon in July, the baseliner’s management team is wasting no time in marketing his mojo in a brand new wrapper. “It is fair to say that it is more mature,” says a Nike spokesman about his new toggery to be unveiled at the US Open. The company says that while the new outfits are more conservative, they will continue to reflect the Spaniard’s colorful style.

The new Nike wardrobe includes short-sleeve polo shirts with mesh side panels that allow him to “counterpunch with color.” Take that, you dullards! “With colors as vibrant as the culture of Majorca, Rafa will burst onto the court in chlorine blue, orange blaze, white and concord [purple],” says Nike. “Rafa’s contrasting tones are set to shine, day and night in the city that never sleeps.” His shorter shorts will be loose with Velcro fastenings.” Presumably, for quick and easy access.

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