Rachel Zoe Goes Punk

I was a bit taken aback when the latest issue of The Zoe Report landed in my inbox this morning. Could it be? Is Hollywood stylist-turned-reality star-turned-Goop competitor really recommending safety pin earrings? According to the stylist (or the “trusted” scribes who pen her newsletter), Zoe is a big fan of subtle accessories in addition to the over-the-top statement pieces she’s often seen sporting. And “Genevieve Jones’ Wishing Safety Pin earrings exemplify this by elegantly mixing nineties punk and undeniable glamour.” A punk/glamour blend that’ll cost you a cool $1,000.

Too bad the save vs. splurge recommendation involves $78-a-pop safety pin earrings when, actually, the style could be yours for as little as $0.07 if you really want to be penny pinch. (Not to mention punks have been pinning their lobes long before the 90s.) Regardless, if you’re not into safety pins as earrings, you can always channel Vena Cava SS10 and DIY. The Brooklyn-based label showcased a decidedly badass safety-pin chest plate at their recent Fashion Week show, and already they’ve paid tribute to a fan who constructed her own with a minute budget and lots of patience.

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