Prize Winning Posteriors & Scrunchies

American Apparel’s latest headline grabber–a worldwide contest for the ‘Best Bottom’–has come to a close. After thousands of photos featuring close-ups of anonymous chicks’ bare butts were submitted, the controversy adoring company has chosen: the winner is a Santo Domingo-based bum called ‘Boom Boom’ (not to be confused with Zach Galifianakis’ new fave nightspot). Boom Boom even won in hot pants, as opposed to the ubiquitous thong. For the winning rear, check here.

In other potentially offensive fashion news, the scrunchie is back, along with plaid skirt suits, velvet and other 90s trends that are sweeping runways. Sienna Miller and Catherine Zeta Jones are fans, and I’ve spotted more than one scrunchie making its way across Nolita in recent months. Although, no matter how much celebrity endorsement comes the way of the scrunchie, it’s the opposite of American Apparel’s ‘best bottom’ contest. Read: not sexy.

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