Photo Tour: Inside Nicola Formichetti’s Spectacular Concept Store

Just like any project that Nicola Formichetti’s name is attached to, his highly anticipated New York concept store has everyone talking. With the help of Gaga/Clemenceau Architects, 50 Walker Street has transformed into a mirrored prism filled with all of the Lady Gaga stylist and Thierry Mugler creative director’s favorite things. Naturally, his favorite things are unlike anyone else’s, from imaginative installations to his new virtual gaming venture with CCP that’s sure to become the next tech tool for fashion. See highlights from my chat with both Formichetti and his muse, Zombie Boy – as well as a bonus video – after the jump.

image Formichetti explains the concept behind the store’s theme: “I wanted to find a medium that relates to all the work that I do. Mirrors fit because they reflect and multiply things – as does my work.”

image The shop also hosts covetable pieces from Formichetti’s Thierry Mugler FW11 footwear collection, which we highlighted here.

image With BOFFO providing him with full creative freedom, Formichetti also used the shop as a platform for up-and-coming designers like Asher Levine. “I’m a hero for the underdog,” he explains. “It’s always nice to share your success with other people.” Above are a few of Levine’s creations. image A collection of Lady Gaga’s costumes. “Whether it’s one of Gaga’s looks or a $20 t-shirt I’m selling at this store, they’re all equally important to me,” Formichetti explains.”

image Delectable vintage Versace.

image Above center: $650 Swarovski-encrusted panda ring sold exclusive at the shop.

image “I’m more of a circus performer,” Formichetti’s muse, Zombie Boy, explains. When I asked which fashion designer he’d like to work with next, he provided a rather loyal response: “I like working with Nicola, so I’ll just continue doing that.”

A series of videos looped on LCD screens at the shop entrance. Watch Formichetti swaying in colored sand below.

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