Perez Hilton Launches Fashion Blog

Perez Hilton’s getting into the fashion blogging game with a newly launched venture, The queen of celebrity gossip’s new porthole features a similar layout and feel to his namesake outlet; however, here it’s celeb’s clothes and designers that are the focus (where “celebrity meets fashion” as Perez himself puts it before lip syncing to Lady Gaga’s “Fashion” on camera in honor of the blog’s launch). So far there are sprinklings of People (Victoria Beckham and Claudia Schiffer face-off for a Perez-approved edition of ‘who wore it better?’) and fellow fashion blogger Bryanboy (Perez posts a makeup tutorial from Gloria, the same over-the-top Chola expert, Bryanboy wrote about recently).

While the site’s no, a commenter who wrote to Fashionista earlier about the site launch makes a very important point: “I’m offended that he even thinks he can legitimately comment on fashion – especially when he spells Gaultier Gautier and thinks someone in London makes clothes under the name Garth Pugh. I mean the stories so far are ripped straight from your headlines! He’s clearly stealing content from Jezebel and WWD, too without crediting anyone and more importantly without bringing anything new to the discussion. It sucks. Especially after fashion bloggers have been working hard for so long to be taken seriously.”

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