Paris’ Colette Is Next-Level Cool

As I’ve said before, a trip to Paris isn’t complete without a tour of Colette. My recent excursion to the concept boutique was a bit overwhelming, even though I knew the three-floor sanctuary of style was going to be massive. How Colette’s team of curators manages to pack such a distinctly concentrated amount of cool into one location is hard to compass. From the limited-edition artwork from street artists like KAWS on the first floor, to the hard-to-find fashion haven on the second floor, I knew my wallet was a goner—but when in Paris, right?

Sadly, photography isn’t allowed inside the store, but I did manage to take some shots of the exterior. Here’s a closer look at the window display of limited edition mariner-themed apparel to celebrate their latest collaboration with Nike, saluting the French Football Federation: image

Window art from KAWS: image

Spotting one of French street artist Space Invader’s colorful mosaic “invasions” is like a game in Paris. We caught one above the store: image

Art on Colette’s garage wall that speaks the truth: image

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