Opening Ceremony’s Candygrams Are Either the Best or Worst Way to Show You Care

We’re all very familiar with the concept of the candygram. Some of us even have fond memories of a friend, parent, or secret admirer sending us a heart-shaped treat on February 14th, some sort of pun-filled missive attached. This year, Opening Ceremony is offering a similar deal: Drop $3 and you get the opportunity to leave a personalized Valentine’s Day card for the person of your choice, including a few Hershey’s chocolates to sweeten the deal.

However, if you’re a bit down and out, this may not be the best idea–in spite of the cheap price tag, you’re unknowingly sending the recipient into Opening Ceremony to pick up the candygram, where he/she will undoubtedly be enamored by all the highly covetable clothes and accessories, yet rewarded with little more than a drugstore chocolate and heartfelt note. (Bravo on the marketing scheme, OC.) Accordingly, OC is graciously allowing customers to add a gift card to the candygram–giving you one heck of a sweet deal for the big day. So choose wisely, or you may find yourself in the doghouse on the most romantic day of the year.

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