No Pants, No Problem

imageNYC socialite Nan Kempner famously embraced the no-pants trend back in the 1960s. When the fashion icon arrived at La Cote Basque in a new-style pantsuit, she was infamously told at the door, “no women in pants allowed.” So, rather than hang her head, Kempner merely took off the pants she was wearing under her tunic and walked in the front door. Fast-forward to today: dress code policies aside, the pants-less trend appears to be gearing up take hold well beyond the world of Lady Gaga.

Two weeks ago on a Yahoo forum, Carolyn L asked “Are women really wearing this no pants look?” in light of a recent blog post on Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s “no-pants pact.” If the Matthew Williamson for H&M launch party earlier this week is any indication, the answer is yes. New York spoke to model Chanel Iman at the event about her sequined number that just so happened to be Topshop, not H&M. “I had on pants earlier, but I just took them off,” Iman said. In other words, it looks like it might be an especially leggy summer.

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