New Website Provides Digital Tours of NYC Window Displays

One thing that New Yorkers always look forward to during the holidays is the unveiling of their city’s festive window displays. Brand boutiques and department stores alike get in on the action, offering window-shoppers superior eye candy for their morning strolls. City residents and visitors used to be the only ones with access to these visuals, but thanks to, the world can now experience Manhattan’s legendary windows from the comfort of their homes. launched last Thursday and offers high-quality images of approximately 37 NYC store displays, from high-fashion (Chanel, Dior, and Burberry) to fast-fashion (Zara, American Apparel, and H&M). In addition to viewing the full images, users can zoom in on specific products displayed, allowing them to digitally scan the store’s exhibited goods.

Currently, images are submitted by the company’s team of photographers, but in the near future they’ll be allowing users to upload their own window snaps (which, we hope, will be highly monitored to avoid shoddy photography). While the site promises that pictures are updated as soon as the display content changes, there can be a 2 to 3-day delay in some cases.

This is a convenient concept overall and a great way to utilize today’s technology to bring the city’s magic to the masses, but we wonder if this service lessens the sentimental value of the first-hand experience.

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