Men’s Wear SS10: Sheer, Short Shorts, & Diapers

“Soft tailoring, shorter shorts and transparency” are three of SS10 fashion’s dominant trends, says Women’s Wear Daily today. And they’re not talking about women’s wear. That’s right, hemlines for men are on the rise, and silhouettes are getting decidedly softer … and more sheer. Altogether it’s a trend towards a more delicate way of dressing — one that, although it may take some getting used to for more macho men, definitely parallels what’s happening in women’s wear.

Given recent trends for a distinctly rugged manner of dressing for men — flannels, dark denim, mountain man-beards — it’s little surprise that the market is eager for a change (albeit toward a more effeminate way of dressing). And it might help explain the collective Fashion Week push to cross-dressing. While shorter shorts and sheer tops may be a little precarious for male first-timers, they’re a lot less anxiety-inducing than some of the swimwear that surfaced at NYFW (namely a Duckie Brown swimsuit that has generated quite a few comparisons to a diaper). As an aside, this does not in any way make Perez Hilton’s pantlessness okay. Just saying.

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