Martin Margiela Dabbles in All-White Interior Design

One of the more elusive contemporary fashion designers, Martin Margiela is known for his unconventional and ground-breaking designs; he’s sent models down the runway in trash bags, jewelry made of ice, and outfits that obscure the female form behind geometric shapes (think sandwich-board chic). In spite of his variously confusing and avant-garde design aesthetic, Margiela refuses to give interviews or have his picture taken, save for a 2008 New York Times article.

Even more cryptic was Margiela’s 2009 departure from his namesake brand, which went unnoticed for many months until an official statement was released in December explaining that he’d moved on without naming a successor.

Now, it’s become clear that as one his final acts before exiting the label, Margiela played interior designer for a luxury spa in Bordeaux. Injecting his standard all-white decor (MMM store employees are even required to wear white lab coats), the suite is filled with mirrored furniture, calfskin rugs, and trompe l’oeil wallpaper. The lone burst of color comes from a red sofa, an homage to the Mae West Lips Sofa by Dali from the 1930s. View the full slideshow here, and keep your fingers crossed that Margiela’s departure from MMM could mean more time for interior design.

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