‘Marc Jacobs for Dior’ Rumors Are So 2011

Now that Jil Sander creative director Raf Simons is in talks to become the new head designer at Dior, we can officially lay to rest the possibility of Marc Jacobs taking over for the headless house. Although designing for an haute couture legend would have been a first for Jacobs, he’s said before that he’s "very happy" working at Louis Vuitton—so much so that he plans on making 2012 the French fashion house’s best year ever, starting with three major projects. 

First up for Vuitton is the brand’s premiere stand-alone fine jewelry store, opening in the Place Vendome in Paris this month. Next, there’s that massive Paris exhibition opening on March 9 at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs called Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs, which is "spread over two floors, each one devoted to the life and work of each man," the Telegraph reports. Finally, there’s Vuitton’s highly-anticipated debut fragrance, which is currently being worked on but still has a TBD launch date, Jacobs confirms.

So, we all know that the designer is exceptionally fine and dandy at Vuitton, but how does he really feel about not moving to Dior? He tells the Telegraph that it was a "great honor to be considered," but not moving was "probably best for everyone."

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