Marc by Marc Milliner Molly Yestadt on Hat Trends & Tips

imageFor a milliner, working with Marc Jacobs is about as good as it gets. On top of that, try landing your hats on a major runway before ever having sold your wares in a boutique. Such is the case with fledgling designer Molly Yestadt, who provided four of the eye-catching porkpie hats sent down Marc by Marc’s runway on male models Tuesday during New York Fashion Week. After outfitting a friend and male model walking shows in Milan with one of her namesake creations, Yestadt caught the eye and subsequently an offering for catwalk exposure from stylist Alistair Mackie, who styles Marc by Marc. This combined with the fact that Yestadt has just inked a deal with Intermix to distribute her women’s line of headgear pretty much seals the deal of her destiny as being something along the lines of the next Stephen Jones. I caught up with Yestadt fresh of her Fashion Week debut and picked her brain about the hottest hat styles for Fall 09, as well as what styles men and women should avoid.

How would you describe your line in a few words? Fun, street, cool.

What are the biggest inspirations behind your hats? Color and love.

What are the dominating trends for fall with regard to headgear? Headgear in general. Hats are coming back in a big way — the more the merrier. Rich colors, feathers, and unexpected elements are big for fall.

Which styles are your biggest sellers? Traditional shapes in fresh colors.

What should women be looking for this fall in a hat versus men? Women can play more with the fantasy of head pieces versus hats. Headpieces make a strong statement for evening, and can be worn with just a white tee.

What’s your advice for women or men who aren’t sure which style to don? Certain styles compliment different face shapes and haircuts. You know what you feel comfortable in; just wear what you feel. And remember, there is no good or bad shape. Just try to choose a shape that is something other than that of your jawline.

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