Madonna Follows in Olsen Twins’ Footsteps for Macy’s Tween Line

Just a few weeks ago, word surfaced of Madonna’s first-ever clothing line. While few specifics were released, now comes a wealth of information about the exclusive for Macy’s that will be called (ready to cringe?) … “Material Girl” for clothing, “Truth or Dare” for underwear and accessories. Madonna’s pulling a page from Ashley and Mary-Kate’s design book. No, she’s not hiring on Balenciaga favorite Marie-Amelie Sauvee as stylist or focusing on luxe basics. She’s designing for tweens.

Madonna’s juniors line will hit stores in August and is inspired by her own offspring. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Ciccone Leon “is serving as the muse for the line and has been involved in design meetings for the collection.” Considering Lourdes has some pretty badass style for a girl her age, maybe a teen line isn’t such a nutty idea after all. Regardless, it’ll definitely be cheap.

And apparently a collaboration with Ed Hardy isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility. “Hypothetical opportunities for Madonna and MG Icon include endorsing other Iconix brands, such as Ed Hardy, which the singer has often worn in the past.” Madge is also partnering with a not-yet-named eyewear manufacturer come fall, meaning head-to-toe Material Girl-approved wardrobes will soon be possible.

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