‘Mad Men’ Designer Branching Out

imageIt’s no secret that since its debut two seasons ago, AMC’s Mad Men has, sartorially speaking, taken the world by storm. The 60s-era garb sported by the show’s leading men and women has sparked sales of Sterling Cooper-appropriate looks across the board. Not to mention the show’s inimitable style has influenced some of the biggest names in the business (Michael Kors and Thom Browne included). The woman responsible for the sensation-inciting looks: costume designer Janie Bryant, whom we interviewed back in September.

While Bryant will ideally be hard at work on Mad Men for many seasons to come, it looks as though she might launch her own line as well. In a recent Q&A with Glamour, Bryant, in response to a question of whether or not she’d ever design her own collection, reveals that she is in fact “working on some things right now” that “would have [her] name attached to it.” Sadly, that’s as good as the gossip gets. Until then, you can always check out Bryant’s two favorite vintage shops for Mad Men-esque fashions: Playclothes in LA, and Salvation Army on 46th Street in NYC.

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