Lilo out at Ungaro

In an answer to the seemingly endless controversy that has followed Lindsay Lohan’s appointment as artistic director at Emmanuel Ungaro, the tabloid favorite has been fired quietly. Although she surfaced at Paris fashion week earlier this week, she was nowhere to be seen at this morning’s Ungaro presentation–one which, not surprisingly, failed to include pasties this time around. Although, to Lohan’s credit, there’s was relatively nothing to write home about regarding the collection… maybe critics were a bit harsh? Regardless, “‘she’s not involved in this collection,’ Ungaro owner Asim Adullah told WWD backstage before the show,” WWD says.

While Adullah didn’t not go so far as to say that Lilo had been let go entirely, there’s little hope that she’ll remain in any official capacity anywhere in high fashion. But, considering that Lohan has surfaced at the likes of Dior and Kenzo’s front rows, she’s not taking her pink slip lightly. But, if her pink, relatively conservative party dress for John Galliano’s Dior show was any indication, she may be trying to clean up her image. (Although, her late arrival made her miss the show itself, she successfully showed up backstage after it ended.) Not a bad idea considering even Lohan herself has said that her name “cheapens” a brand’s image.

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