Lady Gaga’s Favorite Shoemaker Reaches New Heights

Almost exactly one year ago today, we introduced you to Lady Gaga’s cobbler of choice, Noritaka Tatehana. Although the Japanese designer was a local avant-garde hero pre-Gaga, he became a global fashion phenom after the pop star first stepped out in his 9-inch, heel-less footwear. Now, on the, er, heels of his success, Tatehana is back to introduce a new range of gravity-defying platforms that have more to offer than a lesson in balance.

Our friends at Hint report that the designer’s complete 2011 collection is now showing at the famed Trading Museum Comme des Garçons in Shibuya, Tokyo. The exhibition also showcases Tatehana’s archived pieces.

All new footwear is made to order, although we’re not sure who could really pull this stuff off besides Gaga or Daphne Guinness.

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