Lady Gaga Continues to Follow In Madonna’s Footsteps

From fishnets to forgoing pants, plenty of sartorial parallels may be drawn between Lady Gaga and Madonna. The latter has been a formidable force in fashion for decades now, and, like Lady Gaga, she’s often criticized acoustically for making music that’s best described as watered-down pop. But apparently the two stars have more in common their critics and an eccentric fashion sense. They both call Steven Klein, Italian Vogue’s preferred lenser, their favorite image guy. Gaga has handpicked the revered fashion photographer to direct her latest music video for a song called “Alejandro.”

According to The Cut, Gaga looks decidedly Mr. Burns-esque in the only still released from the video thus far. Meanwhile, the pageboy haircuts of the male models and the industrial setting are especially reminiscent of a recent shoot that Klein did for W magazine featuring Lara Stone. Not that Gaga is any stranger to recycling trends…

The foray won’t be Klein’s first into the pop music world. Not only has he photographed Madonna countless times, he is responsible for the artwork gracing Britney Spears’ third album. The photographer also just wrapped up shooting the ad campaign for Madonna’s new eyewear collection for Dolce & Gabbana, MDG. Meaning, if Gaga ever gets her own accessories line off the ground and running post-internship, at least photography wise, she’ll know who to call.

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