Karl Lagerfeld To Let Customers Strip Down Models

Just a few months ago, Wrangler unleashed a European viral marketing campaign that let prospective shoppers both undress and throw around a male model. With the click of a mouse via Wrangler Blue Bell’s interactive site, web crawlers could tear a shirt right off of model Tony Ward’s back or get a little rough as they pleased, prompting me to argue, “if the situation were reversed and a female model were in their shoes, the debate would be endless.” Well, the time has come, thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. The iconic designer and photographer is introducing an entirely new campaign for both Chanel and its sister brand, French swimwear and lingerie label Eres.

Sourcing its inspiration in paper dolls, the campaign captures model Emily Didonato looking decidedly pin-up-esque in various combinations of Eres bathing suits and undergarments and, Chanel frocks. But that’s not all. Taking cues from Wrangler’s aforementioned controversial campaign, Lagerfeld has introduced a certain striptease element into the mix as well. “At the click of a mouse, visitors to Eres’ Web site will be able to strip Didonato down to her Eres foundations,” says Women’s Wear Daily. So, while customers can’t exactly get as aggressive as they could with Wrangler’s approach, Lagerfeld is still helping interested parties indulge the desire to disrobe a model. Too bad aside from a few very generous significant others, most men with the desire to help a gorgeous model get scantily clad probably aren’t anywhere near as inclined to actually buy something.

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