Karl Lagerfeld Has Been Immortalized in Wax

Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton have their own wax figures at Madame Tussauds, it only makes sense for fashion’s royalty, Kaiser Karl, to get the glorified treatment, too. But being the rebel that he is, the Chanel creative director swapped Hollywood-favored Tussauds for history-focused Panoptikum Hamburg—Germany’s oldest waxwork museum. And has some very interesting neighbors.

According to the Telegraph, the Hamburg-born Lagerfeld is "sandwiched between Pope Benedict XVI and the legendary large busted German prostitute Domenica," making this, with the inclusion of Karl, the most brilliantly odd wax trio to date.

As for the impressive rendering produced by renowned sculptor Saskia Ruth, Wax Lagerfeld looks scary-identical to Real Lagerfeld, so much so that one blog has already created a "Spot the Karl Lagerfeld Waxwork" game (see below)—and it’s pretty damn tricky! 


Photos: Telegraph, My Daily

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