Karl Lagerfeld Dabbles in Sneakers & Casual Couture

Much to basically everyone’s surprise, Karl Lagerfeld’s most recent couture show was wearable, clean, and sophisticated – adjectives not unusual for Chanel, but atypical for couture. The looks were heavily embellished and embroidered (the Kaiser claims to have used more than 10 million beads on the collection), but done in pale pastel tones so even and whitewashed as to be almost imperceptible from a distance.

Ankle-length diaphanous skirts were paired with monotone beaded tops in similar shades; Chanel’s trademark tweed showed up in short-sleeved tops worn with matching couture jeans and simple flats. But lest you think too seriously about purchasing some of these designer duds, remember that haute couture is hand-made and sold at an incredible premium – those aren’t jeans strutting down the runway, but really hundreds and thousands of dollars made to look like pants.

If you thought Lagerfeld’s foray into casual Chanel-wear was a one-time deal, his latest collaboration with Hogan has us thinking otherwise. On tap to create a line of shoes, ready-to-wear, and accessories for the Italian brand, Lagerfeld has divided the collection into two themes: sporty and urban. Given Chanel’s high-class aesthetic, Lagerfeld’s partnership with Hogan has us puzzled. But then again, Lagerfeld has a Midas touch, and we’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by the results come March 4th when the line debuts.

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