Julianne Moore Is the New Face of Talbots

You’ve probably noticed the recent shift in suburban mom brands: Ann Taylor and LL Bean have both undergone major identity reconstruction, and now Talbots is joining the ranks of mall-stores-gone-hip. As a brand commonly observed on mothers, teachers, and librarians in their natural habitats, Talbots has little cachet beyond the white turtleneck-wearing demographic, which is, I guess, what sparked the recent rejuvenation. Step one? Hiring Julianne Moore, one of the most sexually viable middle-aged women known to man.

Chief Creative Officer Michael Smaldone refers to the brand’s rejuvenation as “tradition transformed” in a brief video. The boring classic pieces we’ve come to expect from Talbots have been refined and modernized, and initial shots of the ad campaign have us (and Julianne Moore) questioning if it’s really Talbots at all. Even their iconic cloth labels have been given a major face-lift: the former small white tags with the unusual hand-drawn typeface have been replaced with larger black squares, and a serif, all-caps font.

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