Hussein Chalayan Disses Model-Designers Again

Designer Hussein Chalayan is getting his feet wet with denim thanks to a collaboration with J. Brand. But the partnership is by no means Chalayan’s first. The designer, whose fashion I’ll call cerebral as opposed to avant-garde (since Chalayan hates being described as the latter), is responsible for a critically acclaimed namesake line as well as creative directorship of Puma. Plus, he’s creating a fragrance with the help of Comme des Garcons. WWD has an interesting interview with Chalayan in light of the collaboration, but what’s perhaps most intriguing is the designer’s aversion to other partnerships existing in the biz.

First off, Chalayan divulges that he chose to partner with Puma as a result of “the fact that it doesn’t conflict with his own collection,” adding, “it’s not like doing Givenchy or something.” (The latter WWD takes to be “a swipe at two other well-known British designers, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen” who have assumed positions at high-profile fashion houses that parallel their own eponymous lines). But rather then harp on other designers, it’s really the mannequins turning designers phenomenon that has Chalayan “weirded out.” After all, this is the designer that called Kate Moss for Topshopinsulting.” Just don’t tell Amber.

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