Human Hair on Fashion Week Catwalks

One of the more surprising, farthest reaching trends on New York Fashion Week runways this past week has been fur. Easily more than a dozen high-profile designers– Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarra, Thakoon and Thom Browne– used animal hair for full frocks or embellishment. From monkey and raccoon to chinchilla and fox, a wide range of fur was front and center in numerous FW10 collections. While I’ll save debating the moral and environmental implications of fur as fashion for another day, the focus here isn’t on all the animal hair at fashion week… but, rather, the human hair.

VPL’s Victoria Bartlett, for one, took hair as fabric to all new levels with a human hair-made dress. “The sweaters were cozy yet structural. Oh, and some of them were woven together with HUMAN HAIR,” wrote Fashionista of the PETA-approved fabric that rather than gross people out actually kind of worked. Meanwhile, Threeasfour went to town with braids (a big hair trend from last season) in a particularly unexpected way.

While they didn’t use real human hair, the conceptual fashion loving brains behind the NYC label used a copper-colored, braided rope that gave the appearance of hair as the top layer for one style from their fall line (pictured here). Tom Scott, on the other hand, avoided pissing of PETA and potentially weirding people out by sticking to hairstyles as solely the inspiration behind his FW10 collection, which, according to W, he titled “‘Hair Culture’,” after a similarly titled 1921 book he found on eBay.”

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