Hot Pants Are the New ‘No Pants’

As former BlackBook writer Alisa Gould-Simon once said, “the pants-less trend appears to be gearing up to take hold well beyond the world of Lady Gaga.” That was in 2009. Years later, fashion fans continue to flaunt their no-pants, rocking leg-baring garb everywhere from garden parties to formal events. But the trend has evolved somewhat to provide a tiny bit (microscopic, really) more coverage to avoid some, er, unforeseen indecent exposure.

“Shorts have become the practical and more functional alternative to the miniskirt. It is probably harder to have a wardrobe malfunction or an X-rated photograph taken while wearing shorts,” notes Jessica Michault of The New York Times. While shorts will continue to be a viable wardrobe option for anyone who experiences warm weather (read: everyone), hot pants are only fit for the brave, and are made to deliberately show off the goods. With smart styling, today’s hot pants can be quite chic, as demonstrated by model-muse Poppy Delevigne at the Chanel Resort 2012 (above). Paired with a jacket and ballerina flats, her microshorts actually look cute, not cheap.

If this isn’t the perfect time for a Thighmaster revival, I don’t know when is.

Photo: Fashion Indie

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