Highlights From Styleist’s Courtney Love Closet Tour

For Stylelist’s latest "Behind the Closet" series, they followed One Management founder and E! Network’s Scouted star, Scott Lipps, as he toured his good friend Courtney Love’s closet. The video is equal parts hilarious and enlightening, as Love balances her signature revealing rants with impressive fashion commentary, and Lipps maintains a straight face. Read on for a few standout quotes from the walkthrough.

On a purple shoe that Marc Jacobs sent her from his controversial Perry Ellis grunge collection:
"This is what got Marc Jacobs fired, and he sent them to me in Seattle. I burnt the whole collection because I was so terrified."

On where she keeps her oldest vintage:
"I don’t have it here. I store it because people will steal it. If I find something and it was Kurt [Cobain’s], it’s gone."

On Vivienne Westwood:
"I’m really big on Westwood, even though by boobs have popped out twice now."

On a Nicole Richie dress in her closet:
"Look at the print on that, and the way it’s made. It’s really nice!"

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