Highlights from Anna Dello Russo’s Twitter Q&A

In a blink-and-you-might-miss-it moment this past Sunday, Anna Dello Russo announced that she would answer any incoming Twitter questions for one hour that afternoon. Naturally, I promptly set my alarm to ensure that I was virtually front row for this impromptu Q&A extravaganza, since we all know the Vogue editor and famed stylephile definitely has an opinion. And as anticipated, the event provided endless amounts of entertainment—and some surprisingly wise advice. See some of ADR’s caps-lock-happy fashion statements after the jump.

On the fashion item she can’t live without: “Shoes. I prefer to be naked but with the right shoes!”

On taking risks in fashion: “Clothes are the most talkative of the words: if you want to communicate u should go BOLD without worrying about the opinions.”

On the most her most valuable virtues: “Humbleness and Devotion! I feel always a beginner in this job, constantly changing evolving challenging. KEEP YOUR EYES FRESH!”

On her favorite fashion era: “The NEXT ONE! You have to look always forward never back in fashion!”

On trend forecasting for next season: “The biggest trend for next fall is FETISH!”

On her ultimate style icons: “I have 2 Style Icons: 1 is CARINE ROITFELD, and 2 is QUEEN ELIZABETH II.”

On her favorite designer, blogger, and fashion piece: “1. All the best from all the best designers. 2. My fav fashion blogger is @bryanboy. 3. My brocade Golden Dress by DOLCE&GABBANA.” (Dress shown above.)

On the first designer item she ever purchased: “MY FENDI set: bag, wallet, foulard, keychain, umbrella. I was 11 years old.”

Photo: Streetpeeper

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