Harvard Launching Prep-Inspired Clothing Line

When you think of Harvard, fashion probably isn’t one of the first associations that comes to mind. But now that the Ivy League University is cutting its teeth as a designer with a new men’s clothing line called Harvard Yard, that may change. In what is perhaps the first non-fashion school to create a ready-to-wear line that’s runway0worthy, Harvard has teamed up with “private label tailored clothing manufacturer Wearwolf Group, which has licensed the name from the school to produce a contemporary men’s wear collection based on classic Ivy League style,” says Women’s Wear Daily.

While Harvard heads aren’t necessarily the ones putting pen to paper and sketching out the preppy looks that make up the line, the school’s style history has surely provided plenty of inspiration. Think: “short-sleeve plaid shirts, Liberty print wovens, seersucker shorts, regimental stripes, sporty knits, patterned jackets and fancy pants — all in a contemporary, tapered fit.” As for the price point: “Harvard Yard trousers will retail for between $195 and $225; wovens, for between $165 and $225, and sport coats will top out at $495.” What kind of discount Harvard students and alumnae can get on the school-endorsed line if any, on the other hand, remains to be seen.

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