Google Launching an E-Shop?

Google’s interest in fashion has been warming up over the past few months. The search engine turned second-most-successful-company-in-the-world has recently interviewed a slew of fashion bloggers, and it’s home to the blog Google Retail, which has of late identified such sartorial phenomenons as how trends spread. Well, now rumors maintain that Google is gearing up to dive into the deep end of the fashion pool by way of e-commerce. “Google is launching an e-commerce site with shops by major designers,” a tweet picked up by Fashionologie read this week. With the monolith set to host a ‘High Tech Fuses With High Fashion’ panel event in NYC five days from today, other signs seem to indicate such a monumental move is entirely possible, if not likely.

“While this is not strictly a press event, we definitely encourage you to mark your calendars. There will be some special surprise appearances – surely a party not to miss…” the invite promised. While no news will likely be released before the 17th, all eyes will be on Google in expectation of some potentially tectonic announcements. But, with Google having relatively no prior fashion experience (save for its holding some of the most potent information fashion can get its hands on: search tendencies), just how the fashion industry will respond remains to be seen.

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