Gilt Groupe Takes On Groupon

In just a few years, Gilt Groupe has gone from budding e-commerce enterprise to an exponentially profitable household name. And as of this week, word has it that the sample sale auction house that in the past expanded to include a blog and sister sites like Jetsetter, is adding a whole new facet to its repertoire. Meet Gilt City, a new destination for discounts that are city-based, and, yes, a lot like those offered up at Groupon. “Gilt City offers deals from local businesses (restaurants, beauty salons, etc.) and events. Deals are available in limited quantities and for a limited time,” says TechCrunch.

But where does Gilt City differ? For one, deals are only offered once a week as opposed to daily as with other sites pawning similar sales. On the upside, Gilt City doesn’t require a base number of supporters to make a certain discount valid; if it’s offered in the first place, you’re good to go.

And the e-retailer doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping. Gilt Groupe recently hired former Nylon frontrunner Stephanie Trong as its first-ever editorial director. Meaning, expect much more original news content to come. In other words, Gilt Groupe appears to be looking to cover all bases–editorial and retail, as well as both national and local. The only downfall: Gilt City is currently only available in NYC. As soon as it expands nationally (which is inevitable), it’s sure to have competitors like Groupon shaking in their discounted Louboutins.

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