Get Your Apartment Sized up by the Selby

Todd Selby of the photo blog (and interior decorator’s wet dream) The Selby is taking up residence in Paris. But, unlike most Parisians who dwell in proper apartments, the blogger is choosing a rather humble abode: a window… in Colette. “I will be there from March 1st to March 6th,” The Selby wrote on Colette’s blog yesterday. Selby’s own site has a rundown of all of the events scheduled to take place during the aforementioned week. Expect an appearance by “celebrity canine Oscar the Water Bar Labrador,” as well as Karaoke courtesy of Hot Breath Karaoke. But the main attractions are surely a preview sale of The Selby’s debut book (out April 1 everywhere else) which will be available on March 5 from 4-6p.m. Also on the docket: a “free VIP Interior Selby Consultation” (read: an apartment appraisal) that will include special guests.

And there you have it: yet another blogger book deal. After all, Todd Selby was just included in Vogue‘s round-up of the virtual fashion world’s most influential (e.g. bloggers of all stripes). The roster includes Scott “The Sartorialist” Schuman, Garance Dore, Yvan “The Facehunter” Rodic, Hanneli Mustaparta, Tavi and Sea of Shoes’ Jane Aldridge. This past year already welcomed book launches from Schuman and Rodnik. It’s your guess as to who’s next.

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