German Mag Boycotts Professional Models

Not only are size zero models on their way out, if the German magazine Brigitte has its way, models in general will be too. Back in October the magazine announced it would forgo using professional models for good. “The public response has been overwhelmingly favorable, including thousands of applications from potential models,” says Neatorama. The Cut has a slideshow of images from the issue. Yes, highlighting more realistic mannequins is a good thing, but banning all models is downright ridiculous. Unless your only goal is to make your magazine look like a poor man’s American Apparel campaign.

Boycotting size zero mannequins who represent an unhealthy (and impossible to attain) body image is understandable, but championing amateur models doesn’t say much, especially when the women cast are gorgeous themselves, except that that Brigitte is opposed to the entire profession of modeling, which is a pretty far out position.

Yes, women love to see ‘real females’ with ‘real figures’ in their fashion magazines, which is exactly the reason that Lucky started to do so. Vogue has gone the slightly more aspirational route, by employing its own exceptionally photogenic editors as models. Neither is a bad move, but both would grow tiresome and lose all novelty if they were to happen all the time. There’s no denying that the choice made by Brigitte makes a statement; but I’m not sure how lasting it will be.

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