From Reality TV To The Runway: Aspiring Designers By The Dozen

Bravo is launching a brand new fashion-based reality series with a not so new premise this Wednesday. Called Launch My Line, the show will follow a dozen aspiring designers trying to launch fashion lines. Their fate will be decided by a team of seasoned judges, including Dean and Dan Caten from DSQUARED2, SCOOP’s founder Stephanie Greenfield and Lisa Kline, the woman behind the boutiques of the same name. As for contestants, there are quite a few familiar faces: there’s Patrick McDonald, the former buyer and couture director best known for his idiosyncratic style; Roberto, a fashion designer and fine artist; David Applebaum, a SoCal architect; and Merle Ginsberg, a well-known journalist. It’s a bizarre mix of characters that should translate to something distinctive from Project Runway.

Also looking to launch a line, but not with Bravo’s help is model Coco Rocha. In the most recent blog post, Oh So Coco, the model puts out a call to her readers: “I have decided to start my own line… I need your suggestions on what the name of my line should be.” So far the suggestion pickings seem a bit slim (think: ‘Chinook’ in honor of Rocha’s Canadian heritage). Whether or not Rocha will take her reader’s advice remains to be seen. But, overall the message running throughout seems to be simple: these days, anyone can be a designer.

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