Free Rides During Fashion Week, Assuming You’re Dressed the Part

The most coveted accessory during fashion week is not an iPad, a Berkin, or a PS1 bag — it’s a driver. As the fashion elite show up in droves for a week of non-stop hustle and bustle across Manhattan, sensible footwear is not an option. (The more treacherous and uncomfortable-looking, the better.) Answering the Bat-call for a reprieve from podiatric pain, Rachel Zoe’s former assistant Brad Goreski will be riding around town in a big-body Benz, hollering at fashionable hopefuls with the intent of giving free rides to the best dressed.

As if Fashion Week weren’t enough of a contest already, Goreski is now encouraging fashionistas to look extra special, lest he catch them in a boring outfit and deny the offer of a free ride to their next destination. In all seriousness, if you’ve ever spent an afternoon trekking through the Meatpacking district’s uneven cobblestone streets in platform heels and howling wind, Goreski’s offer is legitimately amazing.

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