First Look At Viva Vena

Opening Ceremony’s blog has a first look at Vena Cava’s newly launched, lower-priced line, Viva Vena. Touted as a basics collection, the lifeblood of the line is sweatshirts and tees, and it includes quite a few variations on each style. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s also said to include tees printed with photos and collages from designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, while sweatshirts come in the form of draped capes and embellished, shrunken mini-shirts. “Beyond tees and sweats, the line features printed dresses akin to those in the Vena collection, but where one has silk, the other is made of $100 cotton that makes you feel like you’re wearing something fancy without actually having to deal with all the caution that comes with wearing a nice dress in the summertime heat (iced coffee spills, sweating, eew…),” says OC’s blog.

Everything is marked at under $200, which puts the line at a significantly more manageable price point than its namesake. But, considering shoppers can score extremely similar mesh shirts and cropped sweatshirts at go-to stores like American Apparel and Topshop, the question of whether they’ll turn to Viva Vena for such simplified basics remains to be seen.

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