Fashion Designers Fight Piracy

imageNot with Navy snipers, and not those kind of pirates. “Save Fashion” isn’t only the name of a pop-up shop being spearheaded by Refinery29, which will debut next Wednesday and sell deeply discounted designer goods for the following month at the Port Authority. It’s the slogan being adopted by some of fashion’s biggest names. “On Tuesday, a group of designers, including Philip Crangi, Justin Giunta and Malia Mills, met with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to propose a ‘declaration of designers’,” says the New York Times. Essentially, the declaration will document a CFDA-approved approach to “dealing with the economic climate and a strength in numbers response to the stores.”

Also making headlines is the slew of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers (Thakoon Panichgul, Jason Wu, Mario Cornejo and Narciso Rodriguez included) who made their way to Washington DC Wednesday to fight for more severe anti-piracy laws, adds the Times. While Diane Von Furstenberg has been spearheading a fight against designer knockers-off for some time, the cause has never had as much of a chance of changing legislation as it does now. After all, the designers in question have a very strong advocate in the woman who shares pillow talk with the most powerful man in the U.S. government. Let’s just hope that DVF isn’t found guilty of calling the kettle black now that rumors are surfacing she may have ripped off a certain independent Canadian designer and a floral jacket.

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