Fake Designer Shopping Bags are a Thing in China

While a bill to ban the purchasing and selling of counterfeit designer handbags is being proposed here in the States, folks in China are on to a new label-obsessed craze: fake shopping bags. As in, paper bags that carry the logo of a luxury designer, creating the illusion that inside of the bag is an actual designer item purchase, but really the bag is either empty, or contains Radio Shack batteries.

According to China Daily, one of the most popular producers of these phony carriers is Wang Xuesheng, who is the owner of a paper-packing factory in Guangzhou. He claims that he sold over 600 fake Louis Vuitton paper bags, priced at 3 yuan (approx $0.50) a pop, within 30 days. He also sells shopping bags, boxes, and ribbons for Chanel, Prada, Hermès, Burberry, and Gucci, which is another top-seller. "I used to produce paper bags for people who had created their own brands for online stores, but later I noticed an increasing demand for paper bags with logos from high-end goods," Xuesheng told China Daily. "In the beginning, my clients were mostly people who sell fake handbags. Later, we gradually won more independent customers."

As for why consumers would want to fake-out their peers by carrying faulty packaging, shopper Yang Xiaoya explained the appeal to China Daily: "Paper bags with a famous logo are better looking than ordinary ones. I use them to carry things or to contain presents for my friends." While we understand the sentimental value of celebrated designer logos, we’d only be cheating ourselves if we totted around a cheap handbag or shopping bag emblazoned with Chanel. Plus, how pissed would your friends be if they excitedly opened a Prada giftbox from you, only to find a random book inside?

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