Ewan McGregor Joines Celebrity Scent Crowd

Has anyone seen Ewan McGregor lately? No? Exactly. He’s been riding motorcycles around the world and occasionally adopting a baby along the way. He’s also making movies again and has nine flicks in the can for next year. But there’s always time to shill for scents, right? Flip through any September glossy and you’ll see the Scot — scarfed, unshaven, gazed and hairy — pitching his new fragrance for men by Davidoff called Adventure (available at Dillards!).

According to the pitch, Adventure is vibrant and captivating and “explores uncharted fragrance territory. Its fresh spicy woody composition is daring and elemental, inspired by the world’s great wildernesses and raw, masculine emotion.” I’m not sure I want to explore daring, uncharted fragrance territory. (Though Ewan did something like that in Trainspotting when he dove into the “worst toilet in Scotland” in search of a sweet, sweet heroin suppository.) So, without stink sampling his new aroma, I can only imagine it smells like axle grease, sweat, and road grime. And boffo box office numbers!

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